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Fused glass offers a unique interplay of light, colour and depth, panels can be constructed in the more two dimensional format similar to traditional stained glass, but without the lead lines allowing more light to come through the window.

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The Process


Once a design has been finalized a cartoon is created, glass is then cut and shaped to fit the design, during this stage tweaks can be made to colours and shades of glass to enhance the final piece. Light is an integral part of glass design so what works on paper sometimes needs changing in production.

Once the layer of coloured sheet glass is cut and cleaned, it's constructed in the kiln and a clear piece of glass is placed over the top, the glass is then fired to 800 degree's to melt the layers together. the firing process takes approximately 24 hrs as you need to heat and cool glass slowly otherwise you can shock and crack the glass.


To the left you can see a range of finished fused glass commissions both large and small. To illustrate the versatility of this unique medium.

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